Apolipoprotein B

Determining the true risk of CVD by measuring all potentially atherogenic lipoproteins

Clinical Significance

Apo B shows atherogenic signs and is therefore useful for the evaluation of coronary risk.

The test is undertaken:


Apolipoproteins interact with a series of enzymes and tissue receptors and are therefore responsible for further metabolism of the micelle. The B apolipoproteins are the main form of protein found in the low density lipoproteins (LDL). Apo B is the main cholesterol carrying protein in the blood and is the ligand concerned with the uptake of cholesterol into the cells by the LDL – receptor pathway.

Key Features of Randox Apolipoprotein B


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Quality Control




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LP2117 R1 4 x 50ml (c) R2 4 x 9ml
LP2867 160T (Dimension)
LP2990 R1 4 x 60ml (c) R2 4 x 15ml
LP3839 R1 4 x 20ml R2 4 x 6ml
LP8008 R1 2 x 10ml R2 2 x 4ml

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