Key Features of Randox Lipoprotein(a)

Randox Lipoprotein(a) employs a superior methodology therefore delivering the most accurate results. In addition to this, the Randox Lipoprotein(a) assay offers a range of other beneficial features, delivering an exceptional Lipoprotein(a) testing package.

Randox Lipoprotein(a)- Key Features Overview

Liquid ready-to-use reagents for optimum convenience and ease of use
30 day on-board stability minimising reagent waste
Extensive measuring range of 3-90 mg/dL ensuring concerning levels of Lipoprotein(a) are comfortably detected
Easy Fit reagents available for Beckman Coulter AU®, Abbott Architect C™/Aeroset™, Thermo Konelab™ and Hitachi 917®/Modular P® systems . Randox Easy Fit reagents are presented in bottles designed to fit the channels of these analysers and are used in conjunction with validated analyser applications to ensure ease of programming
Easy Read reagents available for Siemens Dimension® and the Randox RX series of clinical chemistry systems. Randox Easy Read reagents are packaged in dedicated bottles and barcoded for use on the specific analyser, removing the need for any additional steps to be completed
Instrument specific applications available facilitating the use of the superior Randox Lipoprotein(a) assay on a vast range of other clinical chemistry analysers
Superior 5-point calibrator available providing a complete diagnostic testing package

The combination of the most accurate measurement method and the beneficial features highlighted above make Randox Lipoprotein(a) the only choice for Lipoprotein(a) measurement – click here to get more information on the range of Lipoprotein(a) kits available from Randox.

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