The Importance of Lipoprotein(a)

The dilemma facing clinicians working in the field of cardiovascular disease (CVD) is that despite many patients displaying a normal lipid profile e.g. LDL cholesterol, they may still be suffering from a form of heart disease. Alternative methods for assessing causal risk factors of CVD are therefore required.

Randox are supporting the advancement of cardiovascular diagnostics via our Lipoprotein(a) assay. Lipoprotein(a) is a major independent genetic risk factor for premature CVD and elevated levels can occur in patients with otherwise normal lipid levels. Randox Lipoprotein(a) can therefore provide much needed additional information in relation to a patient’s risk of developing CVD. With our Lipoprotein(a) assay, Randox are breaking the boundaries of cardiology testing and providing laboratories with an opportunity to take their testing beyond the routine and get a more complete picture of patient risk.

Randox Lipoprotein(a) delivers the highest quality testing package to the laboratory, with the standout feature of this test being the superior methodology employed. This methodology ensures that the most accurate Lipoprotein(a) results are delivered, helping to ensure improved diagnosis and treatment of patients. click here to learn more about how the superior Randox Lipoprotein(a) assay works.

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