Apolipoprotein C-II

A highly accurate test to determine the risk of CVD

Clinical Significance

Measuring Apo C-II can be used as an aid in assessing the risk of cardiovascular disease. Additionally, Apo C-II deficiency leads to hypertriglyceridemia. Deficient patients will present with chylomicronemia, xanthomas, and recurrent pancreatitis.

Apo C-II is synthesised primarily in the liver and to a lesser extent in the intestine. Apo C-II acts as a co-factor for lipoprotein lipase, an enzyme that hydrolyses triglycerides in chylomicrons (large lipoprotein particles which are made up of mainly triglycerides) and VLDL.

Key Features of Randox Apolipoprotein C-II


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Quality Control




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