HDL Cholesterol

Highly specific Clearance method for HDL-C detection

Clinical Significance

Accurate measurement of HDL-C is of vital importance when assessing patient risk from CHD. Direct measurement gives improved accuracy and reproducibility when compared to precipitation methods.

HDL is usually requested with other tests, either with cholesterol or as part of a lipid profile, including LDL and triglycerides. The combination of total cholesterol and HDL is very useful for screening for the risk of heart disease.

Patients who should have their HDL Cholesterol tested include:


High-density lipoproteins (HDL) are one of the major classes of plasma lipoproteins. They are composed of a number of heterogeneous particles, including cholesterol and vary with respect to size and content of lipid and Apolipoprotein. HDL serves to remove cholesterol from the peripheral cells to the liver, where the cholesterol is converted to bile acids and excreted into the intestine.

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Quality Control




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Direct Clearance Method

CH1383 R1 3 x 2.5L R2 1 x 2.5L
CH2652 R1 6 x 30ml R2 3 x 20ml
CH2655 R1 6 x 78ml R2 3 x 52ml
*CH2664 R1 5 x 252ml
*CH2665 R2 3 x 150ml
CH2849 240T (Dimension)
CH2861 240T (Dimension AHDL)
CH3811 R1 3 x 51ml R2 3 x 20ml
CH9701 R1 6 x 20ml R2 2 x 20ml
CH8033 R1 4 x 38.2ml R2 4 x 15.2ml
CH8311 R1 4 x 20ml R2 4 x 9ml

Phosphotungstic Acid

CH203 4 x 80ml (Precipitant)*
ST1590 5 x 10ml (Standard)

*CH203 is a precipitant product which can be used alongside the CHOD PAP assays

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